Old dog, new tricks.

Old dog,
new tricks.


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Character Illustration: Pablo Stanley

MD2020, 'The Original Ready-To-Drink'. The fruity, fortified wine with a spectrum of colourful flavours. Globally recognised with its unique glass bottle design and affectionate 'Mad-Dog' nickname, it has strong popularity within the young social drinking culture.

As part of a speculative pitch to The Wine Group, Stckmn recognised an opportunity for MD2020 to capitalise on the growing Ready-To-Drink markets and explored a reinterpretation of the brand. The project aimed to envision how MD2020 might evolve to reposition itself as a UK leader in four key areas. Areas of growth included canned RTDS, canned wines, hard seltzers and direct-to-consumer/subscription boxes.

The following case study outlines this evolution. From redesign of the logo, to the packaging for the current line up, introduction of canned wines and hard seltzer options. Other areas of exploration included brand photography style, website design, social media content, campaign creative and potential merchandising lines.

The new logo is a subtle evolution of the existing mark, a bold serif typeface, modified to incorporate rounded edges. It's flat design conveys a modern, casual and approachable feel in contrast to the more traditional style present in the old logo.     

The goal was to remain true to original packaging, the colourful liquid in the instantly recognised glass bottles was a key identifier of the brand so remains in the core range with an update the label system graphics. To accompany the larger volumed bottles, a 35cl PET transparent can was introduced reflecting that of the glass bottle. A slim aluminium can design was chosen to represent the hard seltzer range, the only carbonated offering in the range. It's liquid colour doesn't match the vibrance of it's sister products so opting to conceal the liquid would ensure a consistent look across the range with it's colour matched exterior finish.  

The system includes a redesign of the flavour illustrations too, a vibrant geometric style design was created. Bold and simple in construction it allows for each flavours icon elements to be broken down and used as housings, patterns and visual signifiers on pack, within advertising and promotional assets. 

Artboard 1 copy 2

Existing logo

Proposed logo


Packaging range


75cl glass bottle packaging

75cl glass bottle packaging


35cl PET can packaging with 4-pack carrier

35cl PET can packaging with 4-pack carrier

Exclusive Mockups for Branding and Packaging Design

Hard Seltzer product in 25cl aluminium can 

Hard Seltzer product in 25cl aluminium can 


Direct-To-Consumer  | Subscription box design

Direct-To-Consumer  | Subscription box design

MD2020 posters

Billboard poster advertising

Billboard poster advertising

MD2020 Stickers


pin denim
Small Canvas Tote Bag MockUp
MD2020 jumper

Website design


Social media posts

Social media stories