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OvenLove, adore your kitchen.


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Brand Identity
Packaging Design
Print Design
Illustration | Icons
Art Direction

Photos: Upfront Photography
Collaboration: Studio Artl

With the kitchen the heart of many homes, OvenLove aims to give your oven some lovin' with their range of baking accessories and natural stone cookware.

The brief called for the creation of a brandmark, packaging design, product photography and accompanying sales literature for the full product range. With the items primarily manufactured from materials such as; beechwood, stoneware and ceramics, the approach was to produce packaging that would convey the essence of these natural materials.

The result was a 100% recycled craft card packaging in the form of hanging cards, boxes, wraps and sleeves. The use of traditional fonts, screen printing process and natural colour palette evokes the warm, homely feel associated with hand made, home cooked meals. The textured paper providing a pleasant tactile experience, being at one with the environment and mirroring the visual connotations of parchment or baking paper.

With the restriction of not being able to print full colour imagery of the products on the boxes, cleverly positioned die-cuts in the boxes allowed for the consumer to view the product inside without effecting the structural integrity of the packaging. Silhouette style illustrations where placed on the box to show the overall form of the boxed products, helping inform the consumer of the contents within.

A bank of images was produced for use in sales literature and advertising. Shot on location in a large traditional kitchen setting, the aim was to show each range in situe. The sales brochure cover featured a large embossed letter ‘O’ containing iconography of the products and was printed on matching card to the product packaging. Inner pages were printed on an uncoated, textured paper stock to be in keeping with the other natural finishes.

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