Due to the fast paced nature of running a one-man studio, moving from one project straight into the next or having multiple projects overlapping, means I rarely get time to reflect on the work I've just completed.

A few weeks back a 'PLEASE DO NOT BEND' style envelope arrived at the studio. Thinking it was print/paper samples I'd ordered for a client project I opened it without much thought and was taken aback to see I’d received a recognition award from Right Aligned (they do great things for the design community and provide a platform for the little guys like me to be seen and heard.)

I’m not gonna lie, I welled up, then proceeded to jump around the studio like a kid. Accompanying the award was a small note from Chris Sanders (the founder of Right Aligned) thanking me for my contributions to the community and complimenting my work. It felt incredible and my confidence and motivation has been fired up since.

Chris’ kind gesture of recognition reminded me I need to carve out time to enjoy the small wins and the achievements within each successful project delivery, and to keep doing what I'm doing. I'm off to add 'award winning' to my title.

On a side note, the assemble-yourself style award was the cherry on the cake, as a fan of Lego and assembling Ikea furniture, this ticked all the boxes.

You can check out the invaluable work Right Aligned are doing for the design community HERE.