The fine folks (Graeme & Craig) of JamHot, kindly asked me to do a short talk at their most recent GAB event. Gab is a get together for creative folk – a series of informal talk events in Glasgow where you can get inspired, meet new folk and share ideas.

I'm a huge fan of the GAB talks and have attended pretty much all 28 of them, so it truly was an honour to be asked to be on the other side and give a talk this time round. I shared the stage with Susan Castillo (a set styling-photographer) Ross Baynham of INSTRMNT and Pamela Scobbie from creative agency John Doe.

It had been two years since the last event due to the pandemic restrictions and it felt great to be meeting up in person again with other creatives and spending an evening sharing stories, catching up and having a few beverages. Really enjoyed hearing the words of advice and journeys of the other speakers. Thanks again to JamHot for asking me to take part.

Interested in having me come speak at an event? be on a podcast? or just wanna hear my story? get in touch, I'd love to come share my ramblings.